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Hello World!

This is the first post made on This site is built on devlopr-jekyll, a portfolio style Jekyll template aimed at developers.

I’m super new to blogging and am not really sure what I’m doing. It’s been a lot of fun customizing this template as I learn the ins and outs of Jekyll. There’s way more to this than I had anticipated.

The site has some randomness built-in, in the form of the type-text on the home page. Give it a couple refreshes and see what you get! I plan on adding more little easter eggs like that as I continue to build out this site, but they may not be as obvious - so stay sharp!

Edit 10/29/2023: I’ve updated the logo of the website to be a random AI generated coffee mug. It’s way too busy to be a good logo and I’m probably going to change it again soon, but it’s definitely more fun for the time being. Also that means the above image is already out-of-date - but honestly who cares? Not me! 🙆‍♂️

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